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Thank you for visiting the site for our new book, Gretel’s Cross.  Many old friends and new have written or called to tell me how much they enjoyed reading Gretel’s Cross.  It is such a treat to hear from you and discuss the characters from the book that I have come to love.  Please let me hear from you.




Here is a note from Sandie;

Hi Meredith,

I just finished your book & was very impressed!  My, the time you must have spent organizing everything.  Your words painted a picture in my mind & drove me to read further.  It brought back many memories & also taught me many things.  Hubert’s family certainly endured a lot of hardships.  I’m glad you had the family tree page because I turned back & forth MANY times to see who the people were.  For the most part, most of them had a very long life.  I enjoyed your book VERY MUCH.  I didn’t know Hubert was an artist.  Beautiful job, Hubert.  You both are so talented & I wish you much success with your book. I just emailed “some of our old friends” & told them about it & I’m sure they are very proud of you also.




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For all my Florida readers, I will be doing a book signing on Monday, September 3, 2018 at the Leesburg Library as part of the Arts Festival.

Helmut, Marty, Hubert Schwarzwald

In this photograph, Doctor of Engineering, Helmut Forner, Meredith Wayne Price, and the man for whom the book is dedicated, Hubert Forner are relaxing after a visit in the Schwarzwald (Black Forest) in 2011.

A short synopsis of ,”Gretel’s Cross.”

For Gretel and the villagers of Uberauen, the universe revolved around their Inn, the church, marketplace, school and city hall with no particular interest in the outside world.

The dreamy walled medieval town seemed adrift in a timeless fantasy world as Gretel grew up in the security of her extended family at the Inn of the Golden Knight.

Beneath the innocent surface, Uberauen was also a real world of secrets and undercurrents. Passionate, forbidden love and its consequences were whispered all over town. Gretel and her family were buffeted by shame and bullying stemming from forbidden love affairs, shunning, and suicide. Simultaneously, the extended, hardworking family clung together to love and support each member as adversities confronted them.

As the Great War broke out, Gretel’s step uncle, Freidrich was sent to his death along with all of his friends.

Inflation, the Depression, the rise of the 3rd Reich, and world war delivered an endless stream of obstacles and upheaval for Gretel and her family. In the final days of WWII, Gretel, as a young mother, fled with her sons: Hans, Helmut and Hubert, to Uberauen and sought refuge among her family while war raged.

As American forces parlayed to acquire the surrender of Uberauen, Gretel’s step Uncle Maximillian, defied the threat of a Nazi firing squad to save Uberauen from Allied bombardment.

When the war finally ended, Gretel, her husband Otto, and their children survived to continue life’s adventure.

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