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Born April 27, 1944 in Clinton County Indiana to Marjorie and Paul Price, Meredith Price’s early childhood on a farm and neighboring fields engendered a love of family, exploration, and adventure. In the photographs we have Paul, Marjorie, baby Meredith, and Marilyn Price. The picture of me wearing the replica of a WWII pilot hat shows my pet goat, Billie.  Then too you can see the picture of our pet pig Stinky.  It was a runt that was brought into the house, as in Charlotte’s Web, where we could feed him with a spoon and doll bottle until he grew strong enough to rejoin the other pigs.

Marjorie Paul, Marilyn, Meredith   Marty billie stinky 1

Marty billie stinky

A BA in History from Franklin College led to a career in teaching. As a young adult Meredith taught for many years in Germany where he learned the German language and experienced the culture.

In Gretel’s Cross (2016) Meredith used oral histories and his knowledge of Germany to capture the essence of how Gretel and her hard working extended family faced tragedy, romance, and death between and during the World Wars.

Some items in the portrait picture above will be included in the book, Gretel’s Cross.  The picture in the author’s hand, for instance, shows Gretel with her friends before their ride around Uberauen in 1926.

On the wall behind Meredith, in an oval frame, is a black and white picture of Otto Forner as a child in 1906. Below the picture of Otto is a beautifully painted 1907 photograph of the main character, Gretel Geyer (Forner).  Please see a larger version of Gretel’s 1907 photograph in the Gallery and more about the photograph in our Blog.

The antique chair you can see at the end of the table is actually from Meredith’s family in Clinton County Indiana but is from the same time period as the book.

There will be a longer story later on about the armoire.