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clicking here to send them to me through email.Most of us have heard some great family stories. We want to hear from you too.  Please share your stories on this site by clicking here to send them to me through email.  You can use real names and places or keep everything anonymous.  Your story can be written, recorded, or as a video.

Since I started writing about Gretel’s family, I have heard wonderful stories from Germany and Franken.  I can’t wait to hear yours!


First Shared Story:

Since my friend Gordon was an Episcopal priest for many years, I’ll use this picture of the Washington National Cathedral to mark his comments.

I’m done reading Gretel’s Cross and wanted you to know how much I enjoyed it.  The loves and especially the deaths were poignant reminders of my own family who, at that time, were living in rural Romania, having moved there from Hungary in 1802.  While we’ve never talked about their lives during the war, I know they experienced many of the same kinds of emotions Gretel’s family experienced.  Overall, the book moved me emotionally closer to my own distant relatives.  When I say distant, I mean my father’s first cousin, his children and his grandchildren, all of whom I’ve met.

I can only imagine the ordeal you underwent to research and finally to write this book.  I’m glad you did and at last to have some sense of finality to the project.  Hubert and his family are in your debt.  And I add my thanks to theirs for a job well done.  Gordon