Welcome Friends!

My book, "Gretel's Cross,"
is based on family oral histories.

Gretel’s family faces chaos as the 20th century brings bullying, love, and death to confront her family as wars erupt. 

Welcome Friends

I am so glad you came to enjoy sharing my book, Gretel's Cross and the German version, Gretel's WELT.  From 1914 to 1945, Gretel and her German family confront upheaval as WWI and WWII erupt in this historical fiction based on true facts and family relationships. The bullying, gossip, shame, and guilt of suicide, adultery, and forbidden romance accompany death and acts of heroism as Nazi Germany evolves.

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Gretel's Cross and Gretels Welt

Gretel's Son, Helmut, tells us a story.

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Many true stories in Gretel's Cross take place in the St. Severinus Church.  We hear the song mentioned in the first chapter, "Praise Ye the Lord."

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