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Family Crest T-Shirts


Enjoy sharing Gretel's family crest t-shirt that features a helmet and services offered by her family inn-Wirtshaus zum Goldenen Ritter.  (Inn of the Golden Knight)  

Gretel's Family Crest Close-up


You can identify the services of Gretel's family inn during the 1920s: Dining Room with Emma's delicious food, Butcher Shop where customers could buy Wilhelm's fresh meats, and Guest Rooms with a view of the Brunnen Gasse.

Wirtshaus zum Goldenen Ritter cup

Daydream about enjoying a great cup of coffee at the inn, with GRETEL'S colorful FAMILY CREST.

The inn that Grandfather Wilhelm owned was home to Gretel, her mother Rosa, her sister  Anna, and her father Joseph.  In English it would be known as the "Inn of the Golden Knight." Many of the oral family histories take place within the walls and courtyard of the inn.

Gretel's Portrait Cup


In 1907 Gretel's family took her to Coburg for a photograph that was done by  the photographer for the royal family of Prince Albert-English Queen Victoria's husband.  The perfect photograph was sent to an artist who painted it, thus creating the beautiful picture that we can now share on her cup .

Gretel Geyer 1907


The 102 year-old photograph of Gretel is hanging on my dining room wall.  It is the same image that you see our souvenir cups.

Gretel's Portrait Cup


The portrait of Gretel is such a work of art and it is so meaningful to her story, that I thought you might enjoy your favorite beverage with her picture there with you.

     On the right you see a photograph of little Hubert and Gretel from 1943.  It was taken just before Gretel fled with the boys to Überauen during bombing in Stuttgart.  When she left by train she didn't know if she would ever see her husband Otto again.





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Enjoy a cup of your favorite beverage while thinking of Gretel and her exciting life.  The adorable picture of Gretel was copied from the original colorized photograph from 1907.



Family Crest Cup; Wappen Tasse


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Gretel's family Inn of the Golden Knight, had a crest to show their guests the products they offered.  Enjoy a cup of your favorite beverage while thinking about Gretel growing up in Uberauen.  Gretel's "Mother's Cross" is in the picture.



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Enjoy sharing Gretel's stories with your friends after they ask you about your unique t-shirt.  Gretel's family crest was prepared by her son Hubert for sharing on our souvenir shirts.